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Special Beach

In the heart of the Gulf of Follonica our private beach is the perfect setting for your beach holiday.

The weekly or daily package, provides free access to our Camping "Calips" (www.calips.it) which is located 200 meters from the beach, guests of our hotel will enjoy hot and cold showers and other services of the "Agricamping". The rental of umbrellas and deckchair has an agreement with the "Bagnoskiuma Beach".

Long miles of sandy beach, in an enchanted background where you can lost yourself, in the company of small animals that live there, until you find out, beyond the sand dunes, the sea.

Sun, sea and lots of fun ...

With the bathing establishment "Bagnoskiuma", a cool and young place , where fun and joy are at home. Structured with playful and fashionable furniture, Bagnoskiuma is a relaxing spot between the sea and the bush, a common point between nature and fun.

The Parks of the Val di Cornia, in Tuscany, tell you a thousand-year history and offer you a beautiful and natural environments and coastal hills. www.parchivaldicornia.it




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